I MING e le Dinastie Cinesi

By Luckyjor

Dinastia Jin Occidentale
Galleria Immagini 
Luoyang, White-Horse-Temple, foto di Natasha Luo - Per gentile concessione di China Highlights.

Metropolitan Museum
Funarary Urn (Hunping), China, Western Jin dynasty (265-317), 3rd century, Earthenwqare with green
 glaze H. 45,4 cm., W. 30,3 cm., Ceramic.
 Charlotte C. and Jhon C. Weber Collection, Gift of Charlotte C. and John C; Weber, 1992 AN. 1992.165.21

Metropolitan  Museum
Ewer, China, Six Dynastie, Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420), second half of the 4th century; Stoneware
with celadon glaze (Yue Ware). H. 19,1 cm., Ceramic
 Gift of Mrs. Richard E. Linburn, 1979. AN. 1979.353

Metropolitan  Museum
Vessel in the shape of crouching ram, China, Six Dynastie, Western or Eastern Jin dynasty,
4tn century., Stoneware with celadon glaze (Yua Ware); H.15,2 cm., Ceramic
PGift of Stanley Herzman, in memori of Adele Herzman, 1991. AN. 1991.253.2

Metropolitan  Museum
Box with cover, China, late Eastern jin- Early Southern Song dynasty, 4th-first half of 5th century
  Stoneware;  H.8,6 cm. Ceramic
Gift of Dr. Paul Singer, 1977; AN. 1977.449.9

British Museum
R.N 1971,0922.1 Bowl, Stoneware, Yue Ware, stamped glazed;Shanglinhu, China 
 Western Jin dynasty (265-316) ;  H 13,2cm., D. 24 cm.
Purchased from Theo Duffon

British Museum
R.N PDF.250 Basin, Stoneware (Yue Ware), incised glazed; Shaoxin, 3rd C.- 4th C.Western Jin Dyn.
 H. 85 mm., D. 336 mm. On loan from Sir Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art.